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"Amazing book with beautiful narration!"

Eleanor, or, the Rejection of the Progress of Love

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Heir of Thunder//Male-Female Dialogue - Aida Reluzco
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YA Paranormal Suspense Demo - Aida Reluzco
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Eleanor//Long Form Narration - Aida Reluzco
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"A missing laptop, a critic, a sojourn in communal living - Eleanor, or, The Rejection of the Progress of Love is a bracingly intelligent examination of grief, autonomy, aging, desire, information overload, and the condition of being a thinking and feeling inhabitant of an often unthinkable, numbing world."

A novel of terror from the Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of PRESSURE.

A serial kidnapper is preying upon women. He abducts them, then locks them in one of the cages dangling from the ceiling in a soundproofed basement. There, he sits quietly and just watches them, returning night after night, hoping he'll be in the room at the moment his beautiful captives finally starve to death.

The Lord of Thunder’s sudden death leaves his daughter, Evelyn Stormbourne, unprepared to rule in his place. Weeks before Evie’s ascension to the throne, revolutionaries attack and destroy her home. She conceals her identity and escapes under the protection of her father’s young horse master.

If she’s to prevail and defeat her enemies, Evie must claim her heritage, embrace her dominion over the sky, and define what it means to be Heir of Thunder.


There are messages told through language.   There are messages told through symbols.   And there are messages told through terror.   Nabii Akachi, a young Moorish royal, unveils a series of cryptic messages and discovers her dreams are linked to an ages-old mystical prophecy with global implications.   The Twelve Realms is a historical re-imagining that links kings and paupers, priests and soldiers, and shaman and witches in an epic adventure. Nabii is the key within a tapestry of intertwined people from Western Africa to the Far East and the British Isles who must join forces and find a weapon that will defeat the shadows prophesized to rise from the deep.

A new take on the old fairytale by USAToday Bestselling author,

Emma Hamm!

The world is plagued by creatures called the Dread. And he’s their king. I’ve tried to run. I’ve tried to hide. But there’s no escaping him. 

He wants to turn me into one of the creatures. 

Unless… I find a way to break the curse. A curse that has turned him into the monster that he is. As I uncover the truth and break his curse, I wonder if I’ve lost myself in the process.

Can I still escape him?

Or has he taken my heart forever?